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So I think...

cr0ssVtW a posted Oct 22, 14
I might try to make a smaller version of the RPG idea we were talking about prior to the shutdown. A lot of ideas swirlin' around the head, but I have a lot of direction.

I'm going to wait until I can find out what's going to happen with the Craftbukkit / Mojang issue and see if I can find a "bootleg" version of Bukkit to work with until the DMCA takedown is lifted. If anyone has access to that, shoot me a PM? I'd love to get started.

I'm not gonna have the start up capital for a decent host, so I'll probably have some crappy VPS to start with - unless people wanna donate to get something going? Let me know if that's something people would want to do and I'll set up the donation thing for it. It probably won't happen for another week or so anyway. Real life needs attention so I can pay rent :)

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Anything in particular people would like to see these days? I am very much itching to get back into development.
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Site is back (Sorta)

cr0ssVtW a posted Sep 29, 14
I got it back up on the ol' free plan for the time being. How is everyone doing?

I miss doing this stuff. :(

<3 you all.

cirkuit64 also miss cabbage realms :(
cirkuit64 i miss yall peeps good times good times
faker8 heyoooo
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