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Getting back into Minecraft?

cr0ssVtW a posted Wed at 1:36
Anything in particular people would like to see these days? I am very much itching to get back into development.
cryices cr0ss, I have a preposition for you. I am working to start up a new mmorpg, similar to popular servers/titles such as wy ...
ShadowFlame275 Pre-Playcadia CTF
Natwyden Raid. Survival Games. Skyblock. Could care less about questing. Towny is dead, which sucks, but it is. Oh, and hey, can ...

Site is back (Sorta)

cr0ssVtW a posted Sep 29, 14
I got it back up on the ol' free plan for the time being. How is everyone doing?

I miss doing this stuff. :(

<3 you all.

Nosky11 am still dabes marksman :DDDDDDDDDD
Wolf_Blood_ The worst part for me is that I will never be able to run around PQ pissing everyone off as a scout ever again.. more re ...

A goodbye.

cr0ssVtW a posted May 26, 14
Thank you all so very much for playing Savage Realms. 

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