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Waiting to hear...

cr0ssVtW a posted Dec 5, 14
Waiting to hear back from some potential job prospects, but also waiting to hear about what's happening with Minecraft/Mojang and the new Minecraft API.

Diving into Bukkit again or Spigot for that matter doesn't seem like a good idea due to it becoming an outdated API. Having to re-code everything after dumping a lot of time into this project does not sound appealing in the least. So I am just waiting right now to find out more information. 

I could always just code against old stuff (1.7-1.8) forever and not worry about future updates, but that is kind of a waste. Things still up in the air, sadly. If anyone has any real info (with links to back it up?) please drop a line. I'd love to read up on it.

Sponge seems like a good alternative option, but it doesn't seem that far along yet. I am also worried about how the current situation might affect them. Any insight?
xabvosx a Talked with cr0ss recently. He's alive, but life isn't being the best to him at the moment. He's focusing on that before ...
flipflop892 I really miss the old "Pets" Server, it was one of a kind to me, having lots of fun, getting new pets and maki ...
Magikal looks like someone asked for donations and took off with them for their own use....

So I think...

cr0ssVtW a posted Oct 22, 14
I might try to make a smaller version of the RPG idea we were talking about prior to the shutdown. A lot of ideas swirlin' around the head, but I have a lot of direction.

I'm going to wait until I can find out what's going to happen with the Craftbukkit / Mojang issue and see if I can find a "bootleg" version of Bukkit to work with until the DMCA takedown is lifted. If anyone has access to that, shoot me a PM? I'd love to get started.

I'm not gonna have the start up capital for a decent host, so I'll probably have some crappy VPS to start with - unless people wanna donate to get something going? Let me know if that's something people would want to do and I'll set up the donation thing for it. It probably won't happen for another week or so anyway. Real life needs attention so I can pay rent :)

RUBYFIEND When do you expect to have this up and running by?
miningbanana11 could you setup a small sky block world for us to hang out?
jadedfuture I can provide a 1.8 spigot jarfile, or you can simply build the jarfile yourself. ...
Anything in particular people would like to see these days? I am very much itching to get back into development.
bradaco why does the server not work anymore i really want to play it! can you please put it back up. Because i have donated VIP ...
monsterj27 A bit late lol but I'd love to see the old classes come back, or something similar
AH47q We need the warp dragons!