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Site is back (Sorta)

cr0ssVtW a posted Mon at 14:54
I got it back up on the ol' free plan for the time being. How is everyone doing?

I miss doing this stuff. :(

<3 you all.

jeffthedunker Fuck that I'd rather see a new project. Minecraft or another game.
gwezieman If this is a sign you're coming back to re-create Savagerealms that would be sweet xD
jeffthedunker cr0ss I live <1 hour away from u huehuehue

A goodbye.

cr0ssVtW a posted May 26, 14
Thank you all so very much for playing Savage Realms. 

Planet Minecraft Updated

xabvosx posted May 22, 14
Lucario2OOO :3 so when are you going to see the new savage realms?
ashriver3 Can i buy SR main?
LunarOptics Hey. That's my video. Cool.
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